PAYPAL IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND READY! We are now offering 3 types of programs! A 2 day trial at $5, a standard Platinum Membership that gets you full 100% access to the site, and a VIP Membership that saves you over 50% a year! VIP Members also get a special avatar badge showing their status! NOW is the best time to check out the world of Platinum!

If you’d still rather use Patreon, follow the link! …. Just keep in mind Patreon only processes payments on the 2nd of every new month! I would highly recommend Pay Pal for immediate access! This year we celebrate our 5th Anniversary! We will be posting up plenty more Platinum Girls and SPECIAL VIP PASSES! Keep an eye out for them! And don’t forget to add us on SNAPCHAT: platinumgirls



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