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    Coming Up: AUGUST! This month we Introduce Lotus Ryda, and Asia Jaye to the modeling pages! We also have NEW videos in the works and if you missed out on Vanity’s I suggest you go search for it! We are also going to start addressing some concerns on this page, but remember we have a FORUMS page for issues!  We still need more support! Please join us over at  PATREON


    * To find a post of your favorite model go to “Search” and simply type her name!










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    While PayPal is still giving us trouble, we decided to direct all billing through Patreon! follow the link over to purchase your membership! CLICKING THE “REGISTER BUTTON DOES NOT GIVE YOU ACCESS” you MUST get paid verification from Patreon,  Just please give us at least 48hrs to get the data entered here! https://www.patreon.com/ThePlatinumGirls …. This month we have a handful of our Spooky Halloween shoots! Keep an eye out for them! And don’t forget to add us on SNAPCHAT: platinumgirls



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    It's still hot outside but not as hot as Asia Jaye! She's got that Asian Hybrid thing going on haha. She's an awesome addition...