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Hey guys and gals! It’s starting to get super cold out there so we’ve been busting our asses to get more shoots in! Hennessey is posing in her Pineapple Bikini out by the river. It started getting too cold so she had to warm up a bit. If you’d like quick access, commit to your pledge at PATREON and then make a first payment of $20 to PAYPAL US and shoot us a quick message!


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Sooooo Samara, the oldest of the Krushh sisters messaged me and said she had a new swim sit she REALLY wanted to take pics in. I asked her to send me a snap of it and was disappointed it was a 1 piece! I told her, we are a bikini site…bikini means 2 pieces. She was like I promise it looks really sexy on me and really good! So I don’t usually give in like this, but I said “Ok on the next one, you’ve got to step it up even more!” so keep an eye out for even sexier shoots of Platinum Girl, Samara Krushh! Get your full access membership here!


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Beretta Jameson is always full of surprises! Especially when she’s helping me sort out the new swim wear and says “I like this one!” I was like, “No way will you wear that…”

Beretta enthusiastically says “BETTTTTTTTTTT!!!!” “Quick grab your camera!”

We quickly ran to a park down the street and tried beating the rain storm brewing in the background. Also trying to beat the second thought she won’t actually wear it lmao 🙂



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Sorry guys! We’re still working on Barbies Pictures! There were just sooooo many good pics that it’s taking long. We didn’t want to keep ya all waiting so we quickly uploaded a shoot with our Southern Charm, misses Rebel Belle! It was a cloudy afternoon and Rebel wanted to show me her “Hiding Place” for thinking and relaxing. It was actually pretty cool but she made me promise to never show anyone else! While we were there she had some cute bra and panties on and wanted to get a shoot knocked out! Please enjoy our southern Belle, Rebel!



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Sorry everyone! These videos are getting tougher and tougher to edit and create for ya all! I really hope you enjoy Barbie’s video. At this shoot it was super tough trying to get coverage with the clouds brewing behind us! Fortunately we ended just as the storm actually came in. Barbie has been in a few music videos for local artist but NEVER in her own feature! I had to remind her that she was the star of this video and when she realized that her bashfulness set aside and the star really shown through! GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP HERE TO VIEW THE COMPLETE VIDEO

P.S. Pics uploading still, tune in tomorrow for the galleries! Thanks





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Summer isn’t summer unless it’s kicking back with your 3rd ranked model enjoying the good life! Lana has found alot of things left behind in parks before lmao but never a FRESH WATERMELON! So we took it upon ourselves to have a slice! Wouldn’t you believe her swim suit just happened :roll eyes: to match lmao!



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It’s still hot outside but not as hot as Asia Jaye! She’s got that Asian Hybrid thing going on haha. She’s an awesome addition to the Platinum Girl line up. This shoot was fun because we made her laugh so much! She said she hadn’t laughed in so long ha. We included a few candids from behind the scenes that were good enough for the final cuts! Make sure to get your membership at PATREON to view all of Asia’s pics!


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Jugalette Supastar, Lotus Ryda is finally updated to the pages! She’s a straight up Ride Or Die kinda chick. At this shoot Lotus was going through her initial model training. She did great and did that “shoot ya” pose haha. YOU NEED TO JOIN HERE! You definitely do not want to miss out on a true Ryda 😉


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Sup everyone! New Model, Honey Secret has a secret she wants to share! It almost rained on us so make sure your grateful for this! Honey will be returning soon! Make sure to support us HERE to get your Platinum Membership!


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Sorry for a few days late guys! But it was definitely worth the wait! Vanity FINALLY makes her apperance on the website but just her video for now. This video kicked my ass, literally! I have been working for days on this and have even starved myself tonight to make sure the full length feature is just as good as the trailer! GET YOUR DAMN MEMBERSHIPS NOW SO YOU CAN SEE THIS!




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Hey guys and gals! It's starting to get super cold out there so we've been busting our asses to get more shoots in! Hennessey...