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So we’ve been scouting and recruiting only the best for you guys! Xstine has been on our radar for years! She finally decided to commit to the cause and it was worth the wait! Xstine did well, and we’re definitely gonna be seeing more of her here in the near future! Big news is we are currently working on having a credit card support here on the site! Patreon has done ok, but you have to wait till the 1st of the following month to get your account! So for now you can also send your $20 payment to and send us a message to let us know! Thanks guys!


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So…. The other day, Danni shows up knocking on my door? I was like whats this crazy white girl up to. At first I didn’t recognize her cause she dyed her red hair brown… sad I know. But she was like “i was in the neighborhood and wanted to show you this cute bra set”. Well of course I took the opportunity to take pics of her. Good thing for you guys, so I can share them haha 😉



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Hey everyone! Here’s a recent shoot of our beautiful Platinum Girl, Alexa Sky. With the weather getting too cold we’re taking things indoors for some super sexy lingerie shoots! Alexa is an ebony angel that looks absolutely amazing in this Cheetah print lingerie set. Make sure to catch the full shoot by subscribing over at PATREON


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Sup everyone!!! We got good news, soon hopefully we’ll have a new credit card processor! Until then, still get your memberships over at PATREON. This month Heavenly put on her beanie and hoodie and siad fuck it, lets get a shoot done! The Platinum Girls don’t let 37 degree weather stop them!




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Sitting in the office here, Alana Styllez just happened to be in the neighborhood! She was playing ding dong ditch and I caught her running around the back of the building. She asked if I had any candy -_- I told her she would have to do a shoot though! She was super excited cause she wore matching lingerie to go with her costume! We had a blast, too bad her friends didn’t stick around! SUPPORT US HERE TO GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP!


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Everyone got their costumes ready? Charisma wanted to dress up as a fairy haha, and she brought like 10lbs of glitter to the shoot! I started getting windy so the glitter didn’t work out but hopefully she looks good enough without it 😉 this shoot was like an HOUR long hike to the springs we were shooting at. I was PISSED >:I but we ended up having a good afternoon 🙂

Make sure you subscribe at PATREON


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This was Sativa’s first actual shoot! As you can see she was absolutely amazing first time around! She has such an amazing figure that the way she moves will keep your attention! Surprisingly she was more nervous towards the end lmao but she definitely held it together and made a hell of a shoot! for quickest access send us your first payment to PAYPAL FOR $20 and sign up for your subscription over at PATREON AND THIS VIDEO WAS DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT!



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Hey guys and gals! It’s starting to get super cold out there so we’ve been busting our asses to get more shoots in! Hennessey is posing in her Pineapple Bikini out by the river. It started getting too cold so she had to warm up a bit. If you’d like quick access, commit to your pledge at PATREON and then make a first payment of $20 to PAYPAL US and shoot us a quick message!


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Sooooo Samara, the oldest of the Krushh sisters messaged me and said she had a new swim sit she REALLY wanted to take pics in. I asked her to send me a snap of it and was disappointed it was a 1 piece! I told her, we are a bikini site…bikini means 2 pieces. She was like I promise it looks really sexy on me and really good! So I don’t usually give in like this, but I said “Ok on the next one, you’ve got to step it up even more!” so keep an eye out for even sexier shoots of Platinum Girl, Samara Krushh! Get your full access membership here!


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Beretta Jameson is always full of surprises! Especially when she’s helping me sort out the new swim wear and says “I like this one!” I was like, “No way will you wear that…”

Beretta enthusiastically says “BETTTTTTTTTTT!!!!” “Quick grab your camera!”

We quickly ran to a park down the street and tried beating the rain storm brewing in the background. Also trying to beat the second thought she won’t actually wear it lmao 🙂




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So we've been scouting and recruiting only the best for you guys! Xstine has been on our radar for years! She finally decided to...