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This was Cleo’s casting shoot actually! We drove for several hours because Cleo isn’t close to our home office. We definitely made a great choice in casting her cause she’s always a stunning to look at! Make sure you don’t miss out on this gallery and join us over at


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Lol, just as the title says! Dahlia lets Harley get creative over that cute bod of hers. Dahlia isn’t typically one to smile neither but we all had a blast! Dahlia got a little dominatrix style with Harley later on in the set! But hey sorry we didn’t have a Valentine’s Day theme for you we figured the best way to make that up is with 2 girls!



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Aubrey truly is the girl next door! Spotted her a few years back working at a Car Wash! Then about a year later working in the mall. I eventually got her to believe in herself and get into modeling. This shoot was so hard to get her out to do, but she fell in love with it and is a natural! Make sure to catch the full shoot and video here!

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Here’s one of our newest models, Heavenly! Poor thing was sick and the wind picked up super crazy right before the shoot! But it would have been weeks before we could reschedule. So be grateful we supply you with the best models only found in ONE PLACE! CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT US!


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We really wanted to shoot a bikini in the snow! Fortunately Tanah lives in the mountains where they had a bit of snow left over. We were freezing our cahoonies off!!! I’m amazed she kept her cool and did as well as she did! Jade Dulce also helped with this shoot ๐Ÿ˜‰ jump to our Patreon to see some behind the scenes pics. And you can view the full gallery here!






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You know I make the girls laugh none stop haha. Jinx thinks the stuff I say is hilarious but stupid lmao! But when she needs to deliver a sexy look, omg she is one of the best! Jinx is one of our top models and definitely one of the most beautiful girls in the world! Don’t miss out on her full set hereย and make sure to hit our to get your membership!



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So IDK what the fuck we were doing lmao! But my old assistant had crazy ideas and this one just worked out! Alexus Rayve came over to my place a fell in love with my drum set! So we were like… FUCK IT! Sexy hot girl, bright blue drums… put her in a cute little outfit and we have a photo set! Things got weird, and you’ll have to purchase your membership to see what all happened! and then come back and CLICK HERE!


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As the title says! Let’s keep things going in 2018! Make sure to visit to sign up! And after that, CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE PARTY


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So Kendra hits me up and is like… “I can’t sleep! I’m too excited for Santa to come” So I suggested we do a shoot in a cute little Santa outfit I had recently got. Of course she is always up for being sexy in front of the camera haha! Just damn! Even though Kendra’s got such an amazing bod, I have to fight her to keep her clothes on! Like we need some facebook pics too! CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

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Nova Storm is one of newer and current Platinum Girl models! We are trying to balance out some of our older stuff with the newer stuff. This was Nova’s first shoot and she has definitely became one of our higher ranked models. She has a cute look with her braces that reminds you of Christy Carlson Romano! CHECK OUT THE FULL SHOOT HERE and don’t forget to sign up for your Platinum Membership at PATREON!



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This was Cleo's casting shoot actually! We drove for several hours because Cleo isn't close to our home office. We definitely made a great...