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It’s still hot outside but not as hot as Asia Jaye! She’s got that Asian Hybrid thing going on haha. She’s an awesome addition to the Platinum Girl line up. This shoot was fun because we made her laugh so much! She said she hadn’t laughed in so long ha. We included a few candids from behind the scenes that were good enough for the final cuts! Make sure to get your membership at PATREON to view all of Asia’s pics!


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Jugalette Supastar, Lotus Ryda is finally updated to the pages! She’s a straight up Ride Or Die kinda chick. At this shoot Lotus was going through her initial model training. She did great and did that “shoot ya” pose haha. YOU NEED TO JOIN HERE! You definitely do not want to miss out on a true Ryda 😉


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Sup everyone! New Model, Honey Secret has a secret she wants to share! It almost rained on us so make sure your grateful for this! Honey will be returning soon! Make sure to support us HERE to get your Platinum Membership!


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Sorry for a few days late guys! But it was definitely worth the wait! Vanity FINALLY makes her apperance on the website but just her video for now. This video kicked my ass, literally! I have been working for days on this and have even starved myself tonight to make sure the full length feature is just as good as the trailer! GET YOUR DAMN MEMBERSHIPS NOW SO YOU CAN SEE THIS!



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Aria Rose wants to show you her Pinwheel 😀 lol! The 4th Of July celebration isn’t over yet! Pretty face Aria finally gets published to the Platinum Pages. Check it out as she spins her pinwheel! But don’t be a looser and miss out on this shoot! Get your Membership HERE and click it today!!!!!!


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It’s that time of the year again to show your patriotic independence! Another year your little red rocket gets some action! This year Beretta kicks off the Independence Holiday wearing nothing but STARS! Literally haha! She’s got her screaming whirly doos all fired up and looking super sexy! Make sure to join and show support here at


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We decided to let some sparks out early before July! Sapphire’s shoot will make the rockets fly and send sparks everywhere! Make sure to join us NOW at to catch the full shoot! July is gonna bring our Firework Extravaganza featuring Beretta Jameson and new star Aria Rose!


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Hey guys, we’re back and here’s a new update and this features Rocki! Make sure you get your membership now for July! You won’t want to miss out on our 4th Of July Features!



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Sorry guys we’ve just been super swamped! Make sure to follow our facebook feed for previews of whats currently going on! and support us at PATREON to also get your membership!


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I have to admit that we do need more of a diverse selection of ethnic background models. Just our physical location is heavily latin populated. But model Alexa Sky adds some of that sweet dark beauty we have all been waiting for! She knows how to work the camera and a natural to modeling! Glad WE picked her up for the site! She’s definitely one to keep an eye out for!




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It's still hot outside but not as hot as Asia Jaye! She's got that Asian Hybrid thing going on haha. She's an awesome addition...