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Hey everyone, still in pretesting… Pay Pal is up but no new content till July


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Hey everyone! Were back dating about a week behind in post. While the current post can only be found with our Patreon subscribers! Here’s last weeks featured model, Luscious Mist!

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It’s Valentines Day and we feature our latest Platinum Girl, Honey Dabs. Honey has only been 18 for a few months, but has been talkig about modeling for over a year now! She’s super petite, mater of fact, that’s a normal sized pillow! She’s about 5′ tall and weighs roughly 95-100lbs!!! On top of that her fun sized package was amazingly blessed with a DDD size chest! WOWZAS lmao 😀 finding lingerie that fit her figure was a little tough.

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Kaelani has been a new Platinum Girl for a few months now. We’ve been saving her pictures for just the right occasion. Kaelani was found on one of our social media feeds. She has an extensive background in modeling but nothing that’s ever gotten her published like this. Kaelani has a Korean background with a touch of latina. I think she thinks shes latina lmao 😀 she must have been mixed up at the hospital and somewhere a Korean family has a latina daughter haha 😀

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Foxsie is on the 50 yard line and a flag on the play! She’s making sure everyone is playing fairly this time haha. Foxsie is a smoking hot latina and one of our top tier models. She looks smoking hot wearing her ref costume. Make sure to subscribe at PATREON HERE


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Chevelle goes up in smoke in this feature. For all our fans requesting some blunt pics, we got you boo 😉 Although Chevelle looks like she manages to pull of this shoot, she was NOT a smoker but she made it happen. Chevelle is one of our HOTTEST and UNDERATED Platinum Girls. Show her some love and subscribe today to see all the pictures!



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Jade Dulce wasn’t gonna let the snow stop her from doing her shoot! This latina has fire in her veins as she didn’t even give consideration to how cold it was! Jade definitely brings beauty to this winter landscape. This shoot will turn up the heat in any environment so you definitely do not want to miss out! SUBSCRIBE HERE AT PATREON and we are offering a “LIMITED SPECIAL VIP PACKAGE” in honor of January’s featured model LIT LIMITED. It Includes a 1yr VIP PASS as a Platinum Member here for $100! That’s over a 50% savings. Inquire TODAY before this package expires!


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LIT LIMITED is our newest Platinum Girl and January’s featured model! We didn’t hold her back and let it all hang out! Lit’s limits are beyond your imaginations! Make sure to subscribe at!



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Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s our gift to you wrapped in a shiny red ribbon! We have Nova laying under the tree reminding us how much a gift to us she really is! As Nova’s waking up shes amazed at all the big presents under the tree! She stretches and slowly wakes up to show us what our present is! Make sure to support is and subscribe HERE so you can see this FULLY UNCENSORED gallery to see Nova unwrap!


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It’s another FESTIVE FLASHBACK! Tonight we feature Kendra Saavedra. She was a super naughty girl last year :O and she was waiting to see if Santa was gonna make it or not 🙁 But even though Kendra was naughty, we still lover her anyways haha 😉


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